“Now That I am Free”

As a boy, René Tshiakanyi’s began to develop an interest in music – initially discovering Frank Sinatra, Lionel Rickie, Bob Marley and Kenny Rogers that his day was playing often at home. And then there were the great soul and pop artists who would shape his style: Stevie Wonder, Marvib Gaye and more

He spends time in the local choir before the following music as a career. Rene is regarded as a pop artist with many vocal qualities.

The release of “now that I am free” acoustic album doesn’t just mark the arrival of a major new artist, it also chronicles the latest chapter for a musician who has already had a remarkable fan base during his live shows – and the beginning of his conquest for the world.

“now that I am free” album

  1. Now that I am free
  2. Aisha ouvre moi ton ceur
  3. I do
  4. Maintenant que je suis libre
  5. My way
  6. De man maniere
  7. Je ne fais que grandir
  8. I am still growing
  9. Je serai fidele
  10. Journalists are being erased
  11. Lam presse s’efface / journalists are being erased
  12. Girl, you will be a women soon
  13. Quatre phrases
  14. Let us save ourselves
  15. Protegeons I’avenir

Recorded by Dast from United Rhythm records. Mixed and Mastered by Duane Sin from KZN Music House.

Written and composed by René Tshiakanyi’s in the democratic republic of Congo and South Africa

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Bankable music production 2011