Hello, I am Rene Tshiakanyi singer/songwriter and the Lifeline Durban Ambassador. I would like to encourage everyone to call Lifeline’s 031 312 2323 crisis support line.

I am involved with Lifeline Durban as an Ambassador to encourage people to recognise when they need help and to most importantly reach out to get that help.

There are many events in our lives that can have a huge impact on our mental well being, relationships and finances; including getting married, having children, losing a job or being made redundant, and divorce and separation to name a few.

I can relate because I have struggled with some of those life events at different times and I wish I had known about the valuable support Lifeline Durban provides to people in crisis.

Now I know better, I know that it’s OK to reach out for support, that there is always someone at the end of the phone who can help.

Since I started working with Lifeline Durban, I have learnt that men are three times more likely to take their own lives than women, However, men are the least likely to call the 031 303 1344 crisis support line.

Lifeline Durban

brief history

Lifeline began in Australia but reached South Africa in 1968. A meeting was held in Durban where a need for a line where people can call in and talk about their daily stresses without being judged or given advice was identified. The original purpose was and still is to: Work within Communities throughout EThekwini, ILembe, and UGu embracing Emotional Wellness, mobilizing for social change and building a collective community heart with caring and courageous responses to their unique challenges.

In the past 43 years, Lifeline has evolved. A branch in each province has been opened. We have been able to build a credible brand where people know they can get assistance. we have expanded our projects as well, not only do we have the 24/7 Crisis line we are now working with youth at high risk giving them a second chance. We are also focusing on training and HIV/AIDS counselling and care. The increase in the number of youth at high risk on the streets of Durban and surrounding areas lead to the establishment of the “Ithubalethu” project (Providing the youth a second chance). Ithubalethu project addresses the youth at high risk – this embraces youth who use drugs and alcohol and are involved in sex work. Our team of 20 counsellors conduct day and night outreach visits to the areas frequented by youth at high risk; they counsel and educate and introduce them to the LifeLine Durban Ithubalethu Course. This 15-week course provides them with HCT services, Personal Growth, HIV and AIDS training and Skills Development which includes hairdressing, sewing, jewellery making and traditional beadwork, so providing them with alternative income-generating skills. At a glamorous Graduation Ceremony youth at high-risk graduate after having completed their training and skills development course.

60% of the Peer educators of the project are graduates of our programme; they showed great potential and so we absorbed them in the programme.

Should you wish to donate and support the work of lifeline Durban please use #HOPE as a reference with the following banking details:
ACCOUNT NAME: lifeline centre Durban
BRANCH: Florida road
ACCOUNT NO: 50740649311